Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer has come to an end!

It's sad but true our summer has come to an end. The boys start school on Monday and are excited and not very happy at the same time. With this comes the regular bed times, homework and not being able to go go go. We have had a great summer, cousins came for 2 weeks, camping, water park trips and spending late nights with friends and family. Last week we thought we would take one more little hoop la before the 1st day of school. We headed up to Jackson Friday and stayed the night and then spent the day in Jackson. We walked around the downtown, ate a yummy dinner, got our old fashion picture taken and then watched the gun fight in the middle of town the boys had a great time. I think their favorite part was the candy store that had any kind of candy imaginable. Austen and Tanner also started football and have been going every night for 2 hours. They have really enjoyed it so far. This is my favorite time of the year I absolutely love watching them play sports and this is one of my favorite they both do very well and am very proud of them.
Tanner #21
Austen #18

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cabin Fun!

This last weekend we head up to Yellowstone to do some camping with my parents who were camping at a KOA up there. We decided to join them and spend the night in a little cabin that you can rent up there. We had a great time. The boys spent most of their time swimming with Hannah and Halle. They loved the pool even though the water was freezing cold, but that didn't stop them from swimming, We also rented some bikes they had there they were fun. My mom and me laughed so hard, when Mike and my dad sent us with all the kids to pedal around. We had a wonderful dinner my sweet mother prepared and my dad cooked some great steaks. After dinner we sat around the campfire and visited while the kids enjoyed a show in grandma and grandpas trailer. We had a great time and the company was great. Just a little warning picture overload.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Myspace Glitter Graphics
Just want to wish my beautiful niece Hannah a very Happy Birthday!
10 wonderful things about Hannanh:
*she loves to shop
*loves tomatoes, cottage cheese, and cucumbers
*loves to play with her cousins
*great friend
*loves swimming
*tall and very pretty
*going to be in the 5th grade
*great helper with Jake
*one of the sweetest little girls I know

Hannah we love you so much and hope you have the best Birthday ever!