Friday, November 12, 2010

Extreme Makeover 2010

Mathew's Plumbing got he opportunity to do some plumbing on the Extreme Makeover Home in Pocatello. They worked endless hours, but loved every minute of they felt that the family was a very deserving family. Mike invited me and the boys to come down a couple times and see the house be done. It was amazing seeing all of the people that were donating their time and doing something so nice for another family. When they were all done on the last night we got invited to go down to a V.I.P party and have dinner and they had a little dance. It was fun we got some picture we the STARS of the show and the dinner was yummy. I just want to tell my husband, brother, brother-in-law and my dad how proud of them I am and they are awesome for all their hard work they put in to make this house turn out for such a wonderful family.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun.........

as been going on all week and the kids have enjoyed every minute of it. We have had school parties, Trunk or Treat at the green belt, and headed to BOO at the zoo tonight. Here is a sneak peak at the events so far..........

Mom and her Lil Pirate

My Rock Star and Lil PirateThe Group at Trunk and Treat
The Three Amigos
Jake at School
Mike so happy for another picture
My Lil Pirate at Boo at the Zoo
The 2 grandpa I found at the Zoo

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jake's 1st day of Pre-School

Jake started Pre-School today and was so excited he could barely wait till it was time to go. He has wanted to go to school like the brothers and has been waiting for this day to come. He was up and ready to go way before it was time. I was so proud of him and he was such a big boy walked right into school met the teacher(Grandma Carter) and sat in his desk. We have been so lucky to have grandma be a Pre-School teacher my kids have loved going to grandma school and we couldn't ask for a better teacher to get them already for kindergarten. Thanks mom! I just can't believe how big he is getting and he brings our family so much joy and happiness.

Monday, August 30, 2010

1st day of School

I can't believe that summer is over and the boys are back to school. We had a great summer filled with lots of fun things to do. Know it is time to get back to the grind of schedules, homework and the dreaded bedtimes. The boys were really excited to start school. Tanner was super excited thought it was pretty cool to be the in the oldest in the school 6th grade. I can remember feeling pretty special being the oldest kids in the school. He got a great teacher so he should have a great year! Austen headed off to the MIDDLE school. I just can't believe he is old enough to be in the middle school. Call me crazy, but he should still be my little boy who loves to play in the dirt and with his cars, but instead his interests have changed to sport, sports, sports, and more sports. They both looked very handsome heading off to school. I am super proud of both of them and wish them the best school year!
Breakfast before we get ready for the 1st day of school

Ready for the 1st day of school

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And so it begins.....................

that would be football season for us. Austen and Tanner have both started football and are loving every minute of it. They have been practicing every night and working really hard. This Sat. they had a Jamboree and both did very well in it. I love this time of the year and watching them makes me one proud mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aust at practice Tanner at practice Aust at the Jamboree

Tanner at the Jamboree

Jake showing off his football

Camping with Grandma and Grandpa

A couple of weekends ago my parents invited us all up camping with them at West Yellowstone. We packed up all of our camping stuff and off we went Friday afternoon. Once we got there and got camp all set up the kids were off playing. They had tons of things for the kids to do and believe me they did it all from swimming, ride bikes that you can rent there, miniature golfing, and anything else they could come up with. My parents had a great idea to watch a movie under the stars one night so the boys put up a sheet on the side of the camper and we watch How to Train a Dragon it was a lot of fun and the kids thought it was great. We had a great time relaxing, laughing, playing game and just doing nothing. Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend and for making such fun memories.
Hannah and Uncle B
The Movie
J and Aust
Grandma and Grandpa
The crowd
Kabe jumping over Jay, Aust, and Justin
Grandpa just bought them ice cream
Miss OaksHalle and Jake