Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Picture that will make you LaUgH!!!!!

So Day #7 is a picture that will make you laugh. I chose this picture because every time I look at it or even think of this day I laugh. This is my nephew in this picture he is 6 and he in now going to turn 18 so after 12 years we are still laughing. Justin got a really bad sunburn when he was ice fishing with his dad the dad before Valentine's Day. When they got home from fishing he looked normal, but that next morning when he woke up and went and into his parents room to say Happy Valentine's Day this is what his face looked like. I remember my sister bringing him to my parents house and all of didn't know if we should cry or laugh. He had just little slits for eyes and when he smiled he looked like a different kid. This kid has had many moments that we can looked back on and laugh, but this one has to be one of those pictures that not makes me laugh, but we all get a kick out of it.



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who would I like to change places with for a day?

Day #6! Changing place with someone. I thought about this and many people went through my head most of them rich and famous, but then I thought how great it would be to change places with my 3 boys. Austen one who has a care free life and is just loving life. He enjoys every minute of his day, until he has to go to bed, but he seriously has not a worry or care in the world right now. Tanner he is just always wanting to make people laugh. He loves to chill on the couch and watch his favorite show and once again not a worry or care in the world. Jake he is just a busy body. Loving being with his brothers, and just enjoying be outside and playing until he crashes. I sit and look at these boys and wonder how it would be just to know everything is taken care of and there aren't any worries. I love these 3 boys more then anything and to spend a day in their shoes would be a day well spent.

Monday, May 2, 2011


is the challenge for Day #5. I love to create memories and love spending time with my family and friends and creating these wonderful times. This was a hard one because I have so many fun memories it is hard to pick just a few.

The time we spent in California. I love traveling with my whole family and the memories we have created are priceless. Looking forward to many more vacation with my family.

When we went to our 1st Hockey game. The boys had the time of their lives and enjoyed every minute of the game.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spending the night with the Sorensen's

So challenge #4 is a post about how you spent your night. A normal Sunday for the Sorensen house is church, dinner, naps especially for our dad. And then we are off to visit family. Since Mike is still gone the boys and I headed down to spend our evening with these lovely people and to enjoy some warm weather.

Gramps and Jake

The clan on a walk


Too cool to Smile

JaKe fast asleep on the way!

Challenge Day #3

Challenge #3 is to post a picture of your favorite TV show. I have several I love to watch so I just post a couple. I love anything that will make me laugh and these to show make me laugh every time I watch them.