Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy week, but yet very eventful!

Last week was crazy, but we had fun doing everything that we had to do. We have had Halloween parties, Birthday parties, and many other events. First we started out the week with a little Halloween party at our house with my family. I love having parties so we thought we would get together and have some Halloween fun. The boys had fun decorating the garage. We have pizza and then carved our pumpkins. We had fun laughing and listening so the Halloween spooks.

Last but not least Mike and I threw Austen a birthday party with some friends. We had a lot of fun planning it. We had everyone meet at our house and then split them up in teams and gave them instructions for the scavenger hunt which we had in Wal-Mart. The boys loved it. Mike and I wondered around while the were on the hunt and we laughed the whole time watching the boys try to find everything on their list. After that we headed back to our house for some pizza and to open up present. Then we headed to cosmic bowling. The boys loved the bowling they thought it was pretty cool to bowl in the dark with the crazy lights going and the black lights. It was a great night and the boys had a blast which is all that matters.

And our finally event was Trick or Treating on Saturday. We headed up to Mike's parents and carved some more pumpkins with his family. Then came home got all dressed up in our Halloween costumes and headed down to grandma Carter for some Trick or Treating. My mom and dad had some yummy hamburgers and homemade fries. It was delicious. I only have a picture of Jake my little cowboy. I can't believe I didn't get one of Austen and Tanner. They were gone getting candy before I could snap one. I will have to get one. Tanner was hilarious he was a inflatable Ninja guys. Austen well he was a Hawaii guy one moment and then football player the next. He couldn't make up his mind. We had a great Halloween, a busy one, but one that we will remember for every. Now time to prepare for the Holidays! I can't wait this is my favorite time of the year.