Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With the New Year approaching I just want to wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy New Year! May this year bring you all lots of joy and happiness.
sending you new year greetings
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Kid will be Kids!

Yesterday was one of those days. This is one post you will have to imagine, because I don't have any pictures to show. Austen had ball games yesterday so I decided to take the afternoon off. We went and watch him play and them grandpa and grandma took me and boys to lunch. After lunch we headed home Jake was super tired and ready for a nap. I came home put him down for a nap and that is when it all started. Auten and Tanner came in with some friends and asked if they could play down stairs I said, "sure if you guys are quiet because Jake is asleep". Well time went on and all of a sudden I start hearing the boys down stairs yelling we won your out all kinds of stuff and I thought they were just playing air hockey or some games we have down there until I start hearing all of this banging going on. That is when I decided to go and investigate the situation. I open the door to the basement and you will never believe what they had done. They dumped every tote that I own out in a pile and built walls out of them one for each team. When I opened the door all I saw was things flying including: tennis rackets, sleeping bags, decorations, pictures, wrapping paper, snow clothes, empty totes, and anything you could possibly imagine including potatoes. I was so furious I just look at my boys and said up stair now. They turned around and say to their friends I think my mom is mad. Do you think! I was so angry I couldn't even get mad they already knew what was to come. Cleaning the basement all by themselves. I made them sort everything back into piles and then find the right totes for everything. It took them the rest of the night to get it all cleaned up which they still have a little work to do to day on it. When I asked them what made them think it was okay to do something like that. They both said, "well you said we could play down stairs." So for their punishment they had to clean the basement which was complete torture for them, they lost the brand new psp's, and their dad grounded them from the basement forever. I had to post about this because deep down inside of me I mean deep down inside of me I had a little laugh and definitely something I will remember forever. I love them both so much and they are good boys, I just think that sometimes kids will be kids. But honestly what were they thinking!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Snow Fall of 2008

The other night Mike was out shoveling the driveway and Jake was honestly have major anxiety not being able to go out, so I dressed him up and let him loose with his dad. He absolutely loved it and did not want to come in. The boys have been sledding every night with neighbor kids. I have to been a mean mom to get them to come in. They would stay out all night if I let them.

Jake enjoying the snowHad to wear dad's glovesTanner already to go sledding

Austen's Preisthood Preview

Can't believe that my little boy will get the priesthood next year! Sunday Austen had his priesthood preview to talk to him and the other boys about the blessings of the priesthood and all of the wonderful things that you can do with the priesthood when they turn twelve. I am so proud of him and the person that he is becoming. He is growing up so fast and I am trying to let him grow up, but deep down inside I want him to stay my little boy forever. Enjoy the pictures he wasn't to happy I was taking them, but a mom will be a mom.

5 year Anniversary

This past weekend Mike and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We took off Friday night after work and headed to Salt Lake. We dropped the boys off at my sisters and headed down for some time ALONE. Friday night when we got there we went over to temple square and looked at the lights. That is one of my favorite things to do this time of the year. The temple grounds are so pretty with all of the lights. Then we headed to our hotel where we slept great and woke up at our own time. Saturday we headed out to do a little Christmas shopping and had a great lunch and then headed home since the roads were getting yucky. We had a great time. I want to tell Mike how much I love him, and tell him that these last 5 years have been the best years of my life. I can honestly say I have the best husband in the world. He takes such good care of me and our boys and works so hard to support us. I love you Mike!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Transition into Boy Scouts!

Last Saturday morning the boys had pack meeting for Scouts. Austen was pretty excited for this pack meeting. He has his transition from cub scouts to boys scouts. He thought it was pretty cool. He loves going to scout every Tuesday night at the church. They do some of their activities with the Deacons so he really enjoys going. Austen earned his Weblos badge, couple other segments and earned 9 pins to put on his shirt. I am very proud of him. He worked very hard to get it done. Tanner also earned some awards. I am very proud of him also. They both have enjoyed scouts. After the transition and awards they play some games and made refreshments. Just as you all know Jake had to be part of the action so here are some pictures of them pulling each other in the totes.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday...

We want to wish you a ....
and sing you a song...
"Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Happy birthday dear little sister...
Happy Birthday to you!!!"
Love you tons,
Chris and Steph

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

For Thanksgiving we headed up to Mike's parents. Mike's mom always has such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and always has all the yummy trimmings to go along with it. We had turkey, ham, potatoes, rolls, all kinds of salads, and some very yummy pies and a chocolate fountain which the kids loved. Mike's parents play Bingo with everyone. They have prizes for the winners and they play one game of Black Out and the person that wins get $50.00. Mike won last year, but his brother Paul walked away with the $50.00 this year. After dinner some napped while other looked through the ads to see if they were any good deals for Black Friday. I just want to thank everyone for such a great Thanksgiving. Thanks to grandma and grandpa for such a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. We love ya.

Jake and Mike napping

Suzie, Ryan and Oaklen

Mike who knows what he is doing

Deb and Paul

Grandpa and Paul

All the boys playing ball before dinner.


All the little ones in the tub!

Say cheese!

Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Favorite time of the year!

I just have to tell all of you how excited I am for this time of the year. I have to say that this is one of my favorite seasons. I have always loved the winter time. When I was little I loved to help my dad hang lights, help mom put up the tree and getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite things about this time of the year is playing in the snow. I love going sledding, building snowman's, sipping on hot chocolate, going up to the cabin with my family and just feeling the Christmas spirit. I changed my blog background and put on some Christmas music and it really got me excited for Christmas. On Saturday Mike hung up the lights outside. It take the poor guy 31/2 hours. We line the windows and all around the house I will have to post a picture later. I just have to tell you all how special my husband is. I am a little OCD when I comes to lights they have to be perfectly straight and even on the sides of the windows ( I know ridiculous), but he put them up with out one complaint and makes them look great! Although his rule is I can't turn them on or put up the tree until after Thanksgiving so I can't wait until Friday afternoon. I have to go to the crazy sales in the morning with my sister (Yes we are those crazy people) then come home a put up the tree. Also just wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving drive safe and enjoy all the Thanksgiving trimmings.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie

Last night my sister Chris and my sister-in-law went the 12:30 a.m. showing of Twilight. We got our tickets last week and were excited to go and see it. I know that we are probably crazy for going so late, but we thought it would be fun to go have a little fun. We went about 11:00 and only had to stand in line for about 15 minutes so it wasn't to bad other that the wind made it kind of chilly. The movie started about 1:00 a.m. I know we are crazy. It lasted 2 hours so we rolled out of the theater at 3:00 a.m. It was pretty good, kind of slow towards the beginning and the actors a little different that what I imagined in the book, but it was fun. The only struggle is being a HAPPY mom for the day. 4 hours of sleep I just don't know if it will cut it for the day. I am still trying to catch up on sleep from my Vegas trip last week, but oh well have to do what you have to do. Thanks Chris and Suzie it was fun
waiting in line
waiting for the movie to start

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

We just wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to Grandma Sorensen! Some of our favorite things about grandma.
1. she has so much love and kindness
2. loves to give her grandchild all kinds of snacks
3. will to do anything for her children and grandchildren
4. supports us in everything that we do
5. makes it to everyone of the kids games
6. good cook
7. always makes sure that everyone is taken care of
8. the best grandma in the world
9. has lots of hugs and kisses
10. Happy Birthday to the best grandma ever
We just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and tell you how much we
love and appreciate you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"5" Tag

I was tagged my Chris! Thanks Chris!
5 things I was doing 10 years ago...
1. graduated from high school
2. starting dental assisting school
3. working at Melaleuca
( I know that is only 3, but ten years ago I was just
trying to get everything together)
5 things on today's to-do list...
1. clean house
2. do some laundry
3. figure something out for dinner
4. run to Shelley
5. run Austen to basketball and the go pick him up
5 things I would do if I was a
1. build my dream house and pay if off
2. set up college funds for my boys
3. help out family
4. travel everywhere with my children
5. buy Mike his dream truck
5 places I have lived....
1. Soda Springs
2. Shelley
3. Shelley
4. Shelley
5. Idaho Falls
5 places I have worked...
1. Arctic Circle
2. Stardust Hotel
3. Melaleuca
4. Wilson Leather
5. Dr. Randy Smith
5 people I tag....
1. Stephanie
2. Hailey
3. Gennelle
4. Jaclyn
5. Shannon

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 Tag....

8 favorite TV shows...
1. Oprah
2. Office
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. Guiding Light
5. Ace of Cakes
6. Wife Swap
7. Super Nanny
8. Rachel Ray

8 favorite restaurants...
1. Johnny Carinos
2. Outback
3. Wingers
4. Bajo's
5. Pizza Hut
6. Chilis
7. Olive Garden
8. New Hong Kong

8 things I did today...
1. Made breakfast
2. Helped my mom with her party
3. Ran to the store and got some donuts
4. Got some gas
5. Did 2 Halloween parties
6.Got the kids ready for the ward carnival
7. Fixed some dinner
8. Bathed Jake

8 things I look forward to...
1. Halloween Night
2. Sleeping in on Saturday
3. Going to Vegas with the girls from work
4. Bedtime
5. Posting my adorable child in their Halloween costumes
6. Relaxing (maybe)
7. Pay day
8. Spending time with my kids

I'm not sure you to tag so if you read this and have not been tagged then I tag you.

Austen's Birthday!

Just wanted to wish my Austen a Happy Birthday, I know I am a few days late on the post, but this week has been crazy. Two birthdays, Halloween costumes, Halloween Parties, you name it and we have probably done it. Austen kinda had to parties on Sunday we got together with everyone and celebrated Austen and Justin's birthday's and then on Tuesday Mike picked him up from school and took him to lunch for his birthday and then later that night I made his favorite dinner along with some cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. We surprised him with a new bike that is all that he wanted. Here are some pictures from both parities.

Strick a pose!
The Russell Clan gave him this blanket, which he
absolutly loves.
Cute Boys
Blake and Shannon
Austen's new bike
Austen's Birthday dinner
Thanks to everyone for making this day so special for Austen.

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Here are our pumpkins that we carved on Saturday night. We had Blake and Shannon over for some pizza and to carve their pumpkin. The boys loved it, believe it or not they love to clean out the inside of the pumpkin. To me that is the worst part. Jake loved every minute of it and had pumpkin from one end to another.

Mike's Haunted House

Blake's Skeleton

Austen's Coyotes

Tanner's Happy Pumpkin

The Sorensen Boys

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just wanted to wish Justin a very Happy Birthday today and tell him how much I love him. He turns 15 today and I can believe it. He has grown up to be such a handsome young man.
Couple things about Justin:
1. He has a great personality and can bring a smile to any ones face
2. Attracts the girls like he is a chic magnet
3. Has a great deal of respect for his parents
4. Can make a deal like no other
5. Take great care of his little sisters and is willing to
take his little brother anywhere
6. Loves to golf, hunt and ride motorbikes
7. Has taught all the other cousins to make dumb noises
(which I just love let me tell you! LOL)
8. Is a great example to everyone around him
9. Just got his learners permit
10. He is a handsome kid and is already 6'0
Happy Birthday Justin !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Football Season has come to an end!

We this football season has come to an end. The boys did really good this year. They made it to the playoffs and came out in 3rd place. Austen and Tanner both played really well and I am so proud of them. Now we are off to the next sport. They are trying to talk me into letting them wrestle. I don't know about that one. I think it is so nasty! But we will have to see what happens.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun Little Quiz

I'm a Bella! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results! .
You are unaware of your attractiveness and despite being uncomfortable with any form of attention, people enjoy your company. You can be impatient, stubborn and headstrong, but you are true to your word and mature for your age, often taking care of your family and enjoying a good book over chatting with girlfriends on the phone.

I got this fun little quiz off of my cousins blog, if you are a Twlight Fan try it out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trip to the Cabin

This last weekend my whole family headed up to Island Park to the Cabin. We had so much fun spending time together. We laughed ate some good food, played some games, and watched some good movies. The kids did nothing but ride their motorbikes and the 4 wheelers all day. On Friday we headed to Yellowstone Park for the day had some lunch and watched some elk fight. We did not see much wildlife, but we still had a great time. This is my favorite time of the year the trees up in Island Park were so beautiful, I love the different colors up there. I love going to the cabin and getting away from the craziness of everyday life. Here are some pictures of our little get away.
Dad catching up on some rest

My sweet husband playing some poker
Best Buddies
Tanner on the motorbike
My little "Bug"
Chris all bundled up for our little ride
My family at Mammoth
I just want to tell my family how much I love them and I enjoy every minute that we spend together. Thanks everyone for the great time at the Cabin. Love you all.