Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kid will be Kids!

Yesterday was one of those days. This is one post you will have to imagine, because I don't have any pictures to show. Austen had ball games yesterday so I decided to take the afternoon off. We went and watch him play and them grandpa and grandma took me and boys to lunch. After lunch we headed home Jake was super tired and ready for a nap. I came home put him down for a nap and that is when it all started. Auten and Tanner came in with some friends and asked if they could play down stairs I said, "sure if you guys are quiet because Jake is asleep". Well time went on and all of a sudden I start hearing the boys down stairs yelling we won your out all kinds of stuff and I thought they were just playing air hockey or some games we have down there until I start hearing all of this banging going on. That is when I decided to go and investigate the situation. I open the door to the basement and you will never believe what they had done. They dumped every tote that I own out in a pile and built walls out of them one for each team. When I opened the door all I saw was things flying including: tennis rackets, sleeping bags, decorations, pictures, wrapping paper, snow clothes, empty totes, and anything you could possibly imagine including potatoes. I was so furious I just look at my boys and said up stair now. They turned around and say to their friends I think my mom is mad. Do you think! I was so angry I couldn't even get mad they already knew what was to come. Cleaning the basement all by themselves. I made them sort everything back into piles and then find the right totes for everything. It took them the rest of the night to get it all cleaned up which they still have a little work to do to day on it. When I asked them what made them think it was okay to do something like that. They both said, "well you said we could play down stairs." So for their punishment they had to clean the basement which was complete torture for them, they lost the brand new psp's, and their dad grounded them from the basement forever. I had to post about this because deep down inside of me I mean deep down inside of me I had a little laugh and definitely something I will remember forever. I love them both so much and they are good boys, I just think that sometimes kids will be kids. But honestly what were they thinking!

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The joy of motherhood... i totally understand your ar so mad but on the other had it is kinda funny and you will never forget it. Well I am sure they learned their lesson. lets just hope the grounding from the basement doesnt turn around and bite you in the butt... i can hear it now "Austen, can you go and get me ________?" "Nope mom, I can't I am grounded from the basement.. hehehe you will have to let me know how that goes!!!


oh mandie!! That sucks!! that is the worst when they do stuff like that!! Kylee and Brooklyn's new favorite thing is to go in their room and take ALL their clothes out of their closet and off their hangers!! I HATE IT!! :) Thanks for posting that...I needed to be reminded that kids will be kids!! :)