Friday, December 12, 2008

Transition into Boy Scouts!

Last Saturday morning the boys had pack meeting for Scouts. Austen was pretty excited for this pack meeting. He has his transition from cub scouts to boys scouts. He thought it was pretty cool. He loves going to scout every Tuesday night at the church. They do some of their activities with the Deacons so he really enjoys going. Austen earned his Weblos badge, couple other segments and earned 9 pins to put on his shirt. I am very proud of him. He worked very hard to get it done. Tanner also earned some awards. I am very proud of him also. They both have enjoyed scouts. After the transition and awards they play some games and made refreshments. Just as you all know Jake had to be part of the action so here are some pictures of them pulling each other in the totes.

2 enjoying our everyday adventures:


Austen and Tanner I love yo guys so much you makeme so proud can't beleive how big you are getting. Keep up the good work and remember youe aunt Steph love you so very very much..

The Russells

Congrats Austen!! Keep it up and working toward your Eagle! Proud of you!