Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Favorite time of the year!

I just have to tell all of you how excited I am for this time of the year. I have to say that this is one of my favorite seasons. I have always loved the winter time. When I was little I loved to help my dad hang lights, help mom put up the tree and getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite things about this time of the year is playing in the snow. I love going sledding, building snowman's, sipping on hot chocolate, going up to the cabin with my family and just feeling the Christmas spirit. I changed my blog background and put on some Christmas music and it really got me excited for Christmas. On Saturday Mike hung up the lights outside. It take the poor guy 31/2 hours. We line the windows and all around the house I will have to post a picture later. I just have to tell you all how special my husband is. I am a little OCD when I comes to lights they have to be perfectly straight and even on the sides of the windows ( I know ridiculous), but he put them up with out one complaint and makes them look great! Although his rule is I can't turn them on or put up the tree until after Thanksgiving so I can't wait until Friday afternoon. I have to go to the crazy sales in the morning with my sister (Yes we are those crazy people) then come home a put up the tree. Also just wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving drive safe and enjoy all the Thanksgiving trimmings.

2 enjoying our everyday adventures:

The Russells

Your house looks like a gingerbread house when it's all lit up!! Way to go Mike!! I am way excited to go sledding too!

The Russells

Like the new background!!