Monday, January 18, 2010

A little update...........

My mom is always asking me to update my blog and it just seems that is not enough time in a day to do everything I would like to do, but tonight I have a little free time. Jake went to bed early the boys are content watching a movie and my sweet hubby is out of town working.
Can't believe the new year is here and already getting to the end of the first month. We have been really busy with the boys and basketball that pretty much takes up our time. They are doing really good at ball this year and I am really proud of them. We are trying really hard to take in all the sledding and playing in the snow that we can. We don't have much to play in, but we make it work.

2 enjoying our everyday adventures:

Mabry Family

I love all your pictures!! I can't believe how grown-up your boys are!! Playing school basketball and everything!! Wow...where does the time go?!? I love everyone's sledding pics...we have had NO girls are sad, they want to play outside in it!!! Keep the pictures coming!! :) Miss you guys!


They are too stinking cute! Not to mention busy!! Can't think of a better project for you. Love the pictures.