Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Playing Baseball in the Snow

I am back to try this again. Last time I couldn't get my pictures to download so we are going to try again. Tanner had his second game tonight and he did very well. He hit the ball and got all the way to second base. Before I say anymore let me throw in that they were playing in snow. Yes, snow in April. They played really well for it being so cold, but before to long they ended up canceling the game. The boys were freezing and loss interested in the game real fast. I have to say thank you to my sister Steph for watching Jake he would have froze out there so thank you so much Steph. I have to post this it was so cute. On the way home from the game Tanner says, " I have made history I have played a game in Hail", I thought it was so cute, because they really were playing in hail. Anyways here are a couple of pictures for you to see him playing a awesome game. I just have to say that here at my house we have about 3-4 inches of snow. Here is a picture so you will all believe me that it is like December at my house.

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The Russells

Way to make history Tanner!!! I hope the weather clears up. It reminds me of Justins basketball season - in February mind you - where the first 4 games were cancelled due to the weather...NO MORE SNOW!!!

The Russells



Hi Mandie....this is Shannon's Mom...Jonna. I have lurked for a while, and thought I'd say Hi. I hope you all know how much we love and appreciate your family. Shannon adores all of you, and we love you for loving her! I will check back for your next post.

The Taylor Family

Mandie- You need to show me how to do this blog, so I can get one started.- Gennelle


Hey Mandie! It's Chantri here, Shan's sis. I linked you through Brandi's blog. I'm so glad you are blogging. You Carter clan are such a NEAT NEAT family.
That is so cute what Tanner said on the way home from his ball game. He's so handsome. I can't beleive this CRAZY weather we have been having.