Friday, May 23, 2008

Lost Camera

Well I was so excited to start this blogging thing, but I have either misplaced my camera, someone has walked off with it, or it grew legs and walked out of my house. It is driving my crazy. And it is not much fun to blog without pictures. We have had some exciting this happen this month so I will blog about them as soon as I can get some pictures. Jake had his 1st birthday last week. I have to thank my sister Chris and sister-in-law Shannon for taking pictures of this special day. I will get them from them soon and them do a little post about my sweet little pea turning one.

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The Russells

I can't believe you lost your camera, that really sucks !! And I love takin' pictures of Jaker. It was a fun day and I too can't believe he's one!! He is too precious for words...all your boys are. Except Mike...he's stinky :^)
Just jokin' Mike, I love you too!!Have a great day! And I'm prayin' your camera will show up!!


Oh I am so sorry!!! But hey, we would love to read about your little guys anyday! Good Luck finding your camera...I will pray with Chris that it shows up!!!

The Taylor Family
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The Taylor Family

Mandie- I can't believe Jake turned 1 already- It is so wierd- I just created a blog- Aaron probably won't be to happy- Oh well:) Gennelle


Mandie if you get this can you email me. I lost your email address that Shan gave me to email you ideas for vinyl. I am so sorry that it has been months- I forgot!

Thanks Brandi