Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jake's Cowboy Boots

I bought Jake his 1st pair of cowboy boots the other day and he loves them. Stephanie's little Carter got some the other day and when Jake saw them he loved them, so I decided to go and grab him a pair. Let me tell that we have to wear them everywhere just like the football helmet. He loves to wear them all over the house and when I take them off of him, he will try to put them back on by himself. Gotta love the little personalities they start to come out at this age. I love him so much everyday he is trying something new. The pictures are not the best, but they are as good as they are going to get when you are trying to get something on the run. Also I thought I would throw in the picture of Jake's thighs. Have you ever seen so much meat on a little thigh. I love my chunky monkey.

3 enjoying our everyday adventures:


Mandie those are the cutest little chunky legs!My girls looked just like that when they were little. That's what makes them so cute. Every kids needs a new pair of Cowboy darn cute. I also think your layout is really cute. Hope you have a great day.


He is a cute little chunky monkey.. I am sure we all had a pair of boots or high hells that we wore around the house like that. I am sure he is going to be really really grateful for blogging when he is sixteen and everyone can see and remember those thighs

The Russells

I love it!!! He is so darn cute and I love how he walks!! And those litte thighs...yum, yum, yum!!