Sunday, March 7, 2010

Billy Bobby Smile........

that is what we have at our house. Jake has a Billy Bob smile. While Mike and I were Arizona I got a call from my sister telling me that Jake hit his front teeth on her coffee table and she can't not find his tooth. I tried to keep myself under control until I saw the picture of my poor baby. I instantly broke down in tears that I wasn't there for my baby. So my sister called the dentist which I work for and my sweet dad and sister headed up to the office to have the doctor look at it. I was worried about how he would do without his mom or dad and keep calling my sister to find out the news. Finally my sister called me back and said that the x-ray show the tooth has been shoved all the way up into his gums and it should re-erupt on it's own. Well it has been a week and we are starting to see the tooth again. It is coming in crooked and looks a little funny, but we are just going to continue to watch it and see how it looks once it comes all the way in. I just wanted to make note that I am sure this is not the last injury with this kid.
He is always on the go and the funny thing is that my sister sent me a picture the next day and he was jumping off her fireplace, I guess nothing stops him. So for now we have a Billy Bob smile and I am still praying that it comes in straight and everything go perfect, but the way it looks now I am not sure.

Right after on the way to the dentist

Look close and you can see the tooth

The chunk of wood missing from the table

And this is what we have now

A crooked tooth

3 enjoying our everyday adventures:


Poor kid!! I still think he looks like the guy in Goonies!! I'm glad it's healing so well! I think it'll still come down!! Do you know about 2 hours after he got back that day him and Carter were jumping off the edge of the fireplace?? Silly boys!! Give him a hug for me!!


THATS TERRIBLE!!! Oh man I am so sorry! He is still just as cute as can be. Boys will be boys...


Shannon told me about this, and I felt so bad. The pictures make me feel even worse...poor little guy. I agree with Brandi he is still cute enough to squeeze!