Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where did May Go?

This month has slipped away so fast. We have been super busy with birthdays, track meets, D.A.R.E graduation and baseball. And lets add anything extra that gets through in between all of that going on. We are super excited for summer and waiting for the warm weather to come. So lets cross our fingers for warm sunny weather. So this post is for all those who keep telling me they want to see something else besides Jake's tooth which for a quick little update they are doing great and are coming in more and more maybe by the time he is in school it will be right in place.
First May is filled with birthday's in our family. My mom had her birthday on the 7th and we went to a yummy dinner and gave her the picture we had taken of me and my sibling for her house. They turned out good. We had a good time getting them done and made some fun memories doing them. I have the best mom ever and am so grateful for her and all that she has taught me. I hope you had a great birthday mom! Luv you tons.

Next we had Tanner's graduation for D.A.R.E. I was really proud of him he wrote a great essay about what he learned in D.A.R.E this year. He is a good kid and was super excited to graduate. Good job Tanner! Luv ya tons
Then came Jake's 3rd birthday. Can't believe my little guy is 3 already. He was super excited for his birthday and all he wanted was a bike and a Buzz Light cake.

Some things about Jake:

1. Makes you laugh when he smiles his teeth are crazy

2. Loves his brothers tons

3. Has a big heart

4. Always gives me a hug and kiss when he wakes up in the morning

5. Excited for Pre-school next year

6. Just has big has the brothers

7. Eat anything not a picky eater

8. Loves to play sports (or thinks he is) always has a ball in his hand

9. Moms little buddy

10. Smile that warms your heart

Jake we love you so much! Happy Birthday Buddy

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That was a fun day, getting our pictures taken!!! Way to go Tanner!! And Jake....what can ya say about Jake?? Only tha tis id about the curest and funniest kid I know and that I love your boys!!! They're good kids and have a great mom and dad!! Love you guys!!