Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just love this little lady!

I was going through some pictures that I have on my computer and came across some of my grandma. I absolutely love this lady. She is such a great example to me and someone I love spending time with. I me be bias but I do have the best grandma in the world. My grandma has been a great teacher, friend and role model for me. Some of my favorite memories of her are going to her house and feeling welcome, loved and being able to dance and play for hours in their beautiful yard. We have made several girl weekends to SLC and those have been the best trips ever being able to spend time with her, my sisters and mom and laughing for hours. My grandma brings life to the parties that we have. I always love knowing that she is going to be there and we can chit chat and laugh over anything really. She make killer cucumbers in vinegar, and she one of the best cooks I know along with my mother and sister. I just wanted to put together a little post about my grandma. I look at the pictures I have and she makes me smile just looking at them knowing she is my grandma and how special I am to have such a wonderful person in my life. I love you more then anything grandma!

10 things I love about my Grandma
1. Great cook
2. Beautiful smile that lights
up the room
3. Very classy dresser
4.Very organized
5. Her laugh
6. Her love she has
for everyone
7. Remembers every one's
birthday even
grand kids and great grand kids
8. Hard worker
9. Looks great for her age
10. The best grandma one can ask

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She is such a sweet lady! I have only been around her a few times, but she is so easy to love. What a great post dedicated to her!