Friday, July 2, 2010

California Adventure!

The day after the beach we headed to California Adventure theme park. We had a lot of fun here and the kids loved it. Jake loved Lighting McQueen, the boys loved California Soaring, California Screamer and the Parade was so cute. One of the rides that we loved was The Bugs Life. They have a little show and it is 3D and it is so darn cute we had to watch it 3 or 4 time. It was nice and cool and was nice to just sit and relax for a few minutes. We saw Handy Manny which was the only character Jake wanted to see other then Buzz and Woody. I convinced my boys to go on the Tower of Terror that is a fun ride. We had the boys keep running back and forth to get fast pass. They went and went just like at Disneyland I don't think they stopped at all. This was another fun filled day and there is still more to come...................................
The boys by Lighting McQueen and Mater
Mike B, Blake, John and Mike S
Chris, Justin, me and Tan
Jake and mom on the bumper cars
We thought it would be fun to wear
matching shirts one day!
My Best Friends
The boys in a package
I just might sell them!

Tower of Terror
The best parents in the world!
Aren't they just two cuties
Jake on Cloud 9
with Handy Manny
The Family with PlutoBugs Life 3D
Jake and Mr. Incredible
Another fun filled day with the family. And still more to come. I don't
think we every ran out of energy! Well maybe once we hit the pillows.

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