Monday, August 2, 2010

Luv this Kid!

I just love my boys they bring Mike and I lots of joy and happiness and watching them grow is fun but yet challenging hoping that you guide them and raise them to be good boys. Saying this I have always wrote down little things that they say and Jake is going through a little stage of saying the cutest things. The other day we went to my sister's ward and he saw a picture of Joseph Smith. It was so cute he knew who he was and that he went and prayed in the forest and that Heavenly Father and Jesus came to him. Well this last Sunday on our way home from camping I was asking him these following questions our conversation went like this:

Me: Jake what did Joseph Smith do?

Jake: Prayed in the forest (action folding his arms)

Me: Who came to Joseph Smith?

Jake: I don't know mom( long pause)

Me: What angels appeared to Joseph Smith?

Jake: The Blue Angels

I looked at Mike and we just busted up laughing, he was so funny and was as serious has could be. Later after we stopped laughing he says, Mom I kidding it was Heavenly Father and Jesus. This just melts my heart. When I don't think he is listening cause he is going up and down and all around while we are reading the scriptures he is and he is taking it all in.

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