Friday, April 17, 2009

Craaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzy Weekend!

This weekend is going to be a crazy one. It seems we will be going in some many different direction and we will be having a little bit of extra company staying with us. Tonight Mike and Austen went on a camp out for scouts. It was kinda sad getting them ready to go. I have not came to terms with Austen being old enough to go on over nighters with the scouts. Mike kind of got after me I was going over board making sure Austen was well prepared and Mike told me I needed to relax a little and he will be fine, but it's my first and I like I said before not quite sure about the whole thing it's a bitter sweet thing. While those two are camping I am home with 5 kids. We have my sister's kids this weekend they went to California for a wedding. Love having them around, but there is no way I could handle 6 kids all of the time. Well maybe if they were my own, but highly doubt it. This weekend is full of football games and hopefully we can throw in a little yard work somewhere in between there. Well I am off to round the little ones up and get them ready for bed. Yes, peace and quiet time. Also want to tell my nephew Jace Happy Birthday he turns 12 today. Love you and hope you have the best BIRTHDAY ever!

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