Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tanner's 10th Birthday!

Today my little Tanner turned 10. I look back and think how fast time has gone and to me there is no way possible he can be 10 already. His day started out with a yummy pancake breakfast then headed off to school. He had his spring program today at school and did a great job. Then we came home and got ready to have a party. Tanner wanted a hamburger cake and hamburgers for his birthday dinner. So Mike fried up some hamburgers on the grill and he had grandma's and grandpa's over for a yummy dinner. I just wanted to tell Tanner how much I love him and that I am so proud of him, he does super well in school and is growing up to be such a nice kid.
10 things about Tanner
1. Loves the Charger
2. Loves anything with bugs
3. Has a smile that can melt your heart
4. Good brother
5. Very tender hearted
6. Funny personality
7. Still loves to cuddle with his mom
8. Always be my little boy
9. Loves to go exploring
10. Love his mom chicken enchiladas
Happy Birthday Tanner I love you so much and thanks for making me laugh and being such a good kid

Happy Birthday Tanner!