Thursday, January 29, 2009

Austen and Tanner!

Yesterday Austen's basketball coach called Mike and wanted to surprise the boys with a surprise visit over to where they were making the floor for the NBA All star Game. They all had to meet up at where he works and then they headed over to see how they make it and were able to take pictures with them standing on it. Austen was so excited when he got home. He can't wait to watch the game and say that he has stood on that floor before it was sent off. Tanner was also lucky enough to tag along with his brother and get some cute pictures of them together. I can honestly say that such small things brings kids so much happiness and excitement.

3 enjoying our everyday adventures:

The Carter Life

Austen and Tanner...That's pretty awesome you got to take pictures by that sign there making for the floor! We will have to have a party when they have there first bbgame on TV. Your coach is pretty cool to do that for you! Talk to you later. Luv Ya!

The Russells

That is way cool guys!! You look like pros out there yourselves!!

The Russells

Me again...yea for playing along!! Here's your letter ~ "L"! Good luck! You can do it and I can't wait to read 'em!