Sunday, January 25, 2009


Can you guess what this is!

Yes, burnt macaroni and cheese, Easy Mac to be exact. I have no idea what I was thinking until my kitchen was full of smoke and the smell was atrocious. I totally forgot to put the water in before I put it in the microwave. I know how can you mess up easy mac. Well I did. My house still smells horrible. It will take days to get the smell out. Even with windows open, candles burning and air freshener.

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The Russells

That is Hil-Ar-IouS!! I love hhow it's still smokin' in the first picture!!


That totally reminds me of a time when I was in college I put a burritto in the microwave and instead of hitting 3 min I hit then 30 minute button. I went to my room and totally forgot about the burrito. So I totally know the smell you are dealing with! It does go away. That was awesome that you took a picture of hit!


LOL!! I could totally screw up easy mac don't feel bad! I've been known to put the milk in the cupboard! ha! Last week I was de-thawing hamburger meat and instead of defrosting I cooked it for like 5 minutes....I only got 3 small patties out of it...the rest was cooked-microwave style! Oh and the other day I was cleaning out the fridge and I had so much in my hand that I stuck a chicken cordon blue on the top of the fridge and TOTALLY forgot I did....3 days later Stacey found it! He now thinks I'm loosing it! ;)


You are certainly not alone, when it comes to doing crazy things! I found my can of Pledge in the fridge today...I'm losing it for sure. Good luck on getting the smell out of your house. It's probably like burning popcorn, it takes forever. You are normal, or we are all losing it!!!