Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Friend at the Sorensen House

So today Uncle Blake called and had a great surprise for Tanner. I had a pretty good idea when he called since he has been trying to catch one for months while he is at work. Tanner was so excited he has asked for a pet snake forever. I know call me crazy, but what do you do when Uncle Blake shows up at your house with a snake can't tell the poor kid no so I guess we will try it for awhile. One thing to remember is for some reason are pets don't last very long. We have had a hermit crab, fish, gecko and now a snake. Tanner set him up in his cage from the gecko and made a nice little home for him. So call me crazy, but I guess making your kids happy is what counts right!

4 enjoying our everyday adventures:


Pretty Cool Tanner! But I do have to agree with your mom I think she is crazy. But since you are going to be the next big scientist you better start practicing right. Love you guys

The Russells

Ohhhhh~just wait till it gets out and you wake up in the middle of the night wodering what is slithering up your leg...and it's not Mike!!! I do have to say though you are a great mom cause I would NEVER have that at my house!!


I agree with the other comments... I will call you cRaZy!!!! You deserve a huge metal because I am with Chris... never in my house. I couldnt sleep at night! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Have fun Tanner... I sure he will be a great pet!


Blake better not bring one of those to my house. I'd be running