Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Sweety

I got tagged the other day by Steph. I am excited since it all about Mike!
Where did you meet? A girl that worked with me set us up on a blind date, I can honestly say it was love at first site.
How long did you date before you where married? We went on our first day in May and married in December so about 6-7 months.
How long have you been married? 5 wonderful years this December.
What does he do that surprises you? Love it when he cleans the house when I am gone and I come home to a spotless house ( even the is laundry done).
What is your favorite feature of his? I love his hands they are so strong, I feel so protected when I hold them.
What is your favorite quality of his? There is so many that I could name, but I have to say patience, he is one of the most patient people I know.
Does he have a nickname for you? Yes, he calls me honey or sweetie.
What is his favorite color? Turquoise Blue loves the colors of the Miami Dolphins.
What is his favorite Food? Mike loves a good steak and prime rib, but one thing about Mike is that he will eat anything that you give him and he loves to try new things.
What is his favorite sport? I would have to say that in number one favorite sport is Fly Fishing, he could spend hours on the lake fishing and catching fish and then letting them go he loves to fish, but hate eating it (crazy I know). He also likes to hunt, and watching Monday Night football.
When and where was your first kiss? About 1 month of dating and he was taking back to my car at Sportsman's Warehouse and before I got out of his truck he leaned over and gave me a kiss. My heart melted and I know I was in love.
Favorite thing to do as a couple? Just spending time together, nice dinner and movie or just a little drive to enjoy each others company.
Do you have any children? 3 wonderful boys: Austen 10, Tanner 9, and Jake 16 months.
Does he have a hidden talent? Can fix anything I may through his way.
How old is he? 28
Who said" I love you" first? Mike did and I can remember it like it was yesterday because it meant so much to me.
What is his favorite type of music? He pretty much listens to it all I don't think he really has a favorite just depends on his mood.
What do you admire about him the most? There is so much that I admire about my husband from being a GREAT father and husband to a hard worker and providing well for his family, he loves and supports us in everything that we do and I love him for that. He is also such a great example to our boys and his love for the church is amazing.
Do you think he will read this? Not unless I show him.