Monday, September 8, 2008

State Fair 2008

This last week we had the chance to go down to the fair and enjoy some time together has a family. The boys had a blast riding on the rides and enjoying all the yummy food. I have to say I love going to the fair, not quite sure why, yet to figure that one out. But as long as I can remember we always would head down to the fair grab something yummy to eat, walk through the building and then head for the rides. I guess maybe I want my kids to have the great memories of the fair like I have or maybe I am still a kid at heart. Jake's 1st corn dog from the Fair

Austen doing the weather at the Fair

Tanner doing the weather Fair

Jace and Austen waiting for the ride to go

Tanner, Austen and Jace waiting patiently in line

Braxton and Tanner waiting for the ride

3 enjoying our everyday adventures:

The Russells

I love the fair!! Let's go again next year with the kids!! And I want a wristband to ride the SCRAMBLER as many times as I want!!!


love the fair! :) It was good to see you guys there! I hope you ate as much yummy food as we did!! :)


Mandie...I've loved all the pictures you've posted lately. We didn't go to the fair this year, but I did get 3 bags of cotton candy & cinnamon almonds, thanks to Shannon & Blake & my other girls. YUM! That science project was very clever!