Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Events

Today was the annual Spud Day down in Shelley. I have been to it every year since I can remember. We always went to the parade in the morning hurried over to get in line for a bake potato and then walk around and wait for the spud tug to start. I am sad to say that this year we had to miss it. Austen and Tanner had a football game up in Sugar City so we had to miss it so that they could go to their game. They did really good I was very proud of both of them. After the game we came home warmed up from the rain and then headed down to the Demolition Derby. I love going to it, every year me and my sisters say that we would love to race in the mini car heat. I told Steph that I don't think I could do it I would be laughing way to hard to concentrate on what I was suppose to be doing. We sit and laugh and the cars out there, can you imagine how hard we would be laughing if it was us on the other side we would look like a bunch of tards out there. Anyways it is fun to go and watch and the kids enjoy it, Jake loved the loud cars and thought it was pretty cool. Here are a few pictures from our day.
Tanner #21
Austen and Tanner waiting on the other team
Austen got 4 stickers on his helmet today for tackling.
Jake thinking that he is rolling down the hill like the other kids, but
little does he know that he is crawling and not rolling.
Jake playing with the kids during the game.
I know that I post a lot about my boys football games, but right now that is my life and I love watching them play, they grow so fast so you have to take in every little minute that you can, because before you know it they are gone and doing their own thing. I just want my 3 boys to know how much they mean to me and how much I love them. Way to go Austen and Tanner you did awesome today and Jake you were such a good boy.